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Both Candidates Are Avoiding The Issues - TriCities.com: News

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Both Candidates Are Avoiding The Issues

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Posted: Sunday, July 20, 2008 6:02 am | Updated: 7:07 pm, Fri Dec 28, 2012.

Kevin Cole’s letter [“Using religion to win an election,” July 14] is misdirected. Pro-choice or pro-life do not qualify as campaign issues. Religious pandering is apparent by both repugnican candidates. Delivering babies, although commendable, is not a qualification for any elective position. Knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a starting point.

To my knowledge, God and Jesus are not issues of elective governance. That the two main repugnicans pander to this is not to their credit. Competence, independence, representation and honesty are issues.

That “Toad” Davis is self-serving and ignorant and a recipient of corporate largess (Sugar Lobby, Holston Ordinance, et al) seems undisputed. That he has consistently voted against the interests of this district is undeniable.

Davis voted against the Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act, which passed. One can envision local and rapid intermediate distance rail travel as relief from expensive, congested, dangerous highways. Read “Toad’s” speech: (House of Representatives – June 26) he is duplicitous, ignorant or both and demonstrates a mindless lack of competence and compassion. Toad states that Vern Long of Jefferson County spends $90 per week to travel to his $8 per hour job. Trains anyone?

Recently, the House passed a measure requiring federal agencies to begin storing e-mail records, according to standards set by the National Archives and Records Administration. Davis voted against this bill. Has he something to hide?

Project Vote Smart sends its Political Courage Test to candidates to state their issue positions to voters (VoteSmart.org). To date, neither of these candidates has participated. Views on a wide range of issues are asked.

The apparent choice is between another untested, right winger and a sleazy, dirt-dealing, incompetent opportunist.

One wonders what, if any, deity would claim them?

Rufus Morison

Bristol, Tenn.

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